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Negotiation Seminars
You've never seen anything like this, and I'll guarantee it.  If I don't meet or exceed your expectations and you're not completely satisfied with my presentation, I'll refund your $1,000 fee.  No questions asked.  That fee covers the cost for every person in attendance, regardless of the size of your group.  [contact link below]

Everything is negotiable, no matter how large or small the cost.  A top-notch negotiation strategy can save your business huge sums of money.  I provide advice and tips for developing negotiating strategies to help you both personally and professionally.  My Art of Negotiating presentation covers key principles that apply to virtually any negotiating scenario.  I discuss actual negotiations of mine and what I did to maximize results.  I draw on 40 years experience as a program manager and contract negotiator.

We all conduct dozens of negotiations every day in our personal and professional lives, sometimes without being conscious that they're taking place.  Understanding negotiating principles is invaluable to anyone involved in management, business, finance and procurement, even if negotiating isn't their primary role in the company.  Attendees of my presentation will leave with vital knowledge of the bedrock negotiating principles and confidence necessary to negotiate effectively for the company and themselves.  Your company will save more than the cost of this seminar in your first negotiation.

The presentation is designed to run two or three hours for groups of at least ten people.  PowerPoint slides are used as a roadmap, but only 5% of the material appears on the slides.  The balance is totally spontaneous and interactive, and I encourage audience participation.  I’m available to deliver this presentation around the world to English-speaking audiences.

I'm offering all seminars booked in the United States and Canada prior to March 31, 2017 at the rate of $1,000 USD plus travel expenses.  This special offer covers the cost for your entire group, regardless of size.  For all other countries, please send me your desired seminar date and location and I'll respond promptly with a price proposal.  Click on this link for my contact information.

Below is a small sampling of recent presentations.

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